Welcome To American Civics

Civics, in general terms, is the study of the rights and duties of a citizen.  But how are these right and duties in America defined?  Who defined them? and how are these rights and duties manifested in our everyday lives?

America has a unique culture than any other country in the world.  It is founded on the principles of Life, Freedom, Liberty and Justice for All.  These concepts are the pillars of the American society.

This sites provides many resources and commentary about this unique culture and what makes it so special.  The various topics contained within cover history, economics, current events, law and politics as these subjects intertwine to continue to form and mold what the United States was yesterday, is today and will be tomorrow.

Please explore this website, engage in our blog and feel free to use the resources provided.  In regards to all historical documentation provided, every effort has been made to insure it is historically and contextually accurate.  Only in rare cases will be link to another resource page as we cannot insure the accuracy of those related sites.

Welcome To American Civics….Enjoy!