About Us

What we do:
Aside from discussions about various topics, such as America’s founding, political history and current events, this site also is building to be a source of relevant  and historical information.  There are several resource areas we invite you to explore on this site.

First, is our book club.  These are recommended and books of interests on a wide variety of topics that have or are having an impact on the American culture.  These books and writings include foundation documents, like James Madison’s, “Journal of the Federal Convention” or the writings of John Locke and Edmund Burke, just two of the political philosophers that inspired the Founding Fathers.  There are many other links to books around current events, economics and political ideologies, such as Marxism, Fascism, Communism, Socialism and Capitalism, to name a few as well as the original writings of the individuals that founded these ideals

Also, we have links of transcriptions to some of the most famous documents that have founded this Nation.  Some are well known, like “The Declaration of Independence” while others may not be, such as “The Declaration of Arbroath” or “The Virginia Declaration of Rights”. In addition, we also provide historical excerpts, where appropriate, to changes in some of these documents to provide full context of what is being presented.  For example, the original Bill of Rights contained twelve amendments, however only 10 were ratified by the States.  In this case, we present the Bill of Rights in the language and text it was originally drafted, but specify which articles were ratified and where were not as well as provide a guide that shows the current Amendment enumeration.

Finally, we have our blogs and news articles that we post that are relevant to the subject matter presented.  Given that this is designed to present a discussion in civics, it is important to present current events, from a variety of sources, for discussion, debate and, most importantly, education.  These articles are chosen based on the relevance to the American Culture.  This specific and unique culture is outlined rather clearly in The American’s Creed, which can be found on this site.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it informative and educational.  Feel free to register in our discussions and post a question.  We do not share our user list with any other party.